Sleep Dentistry Lake Oswego

Sleep Sedation Dentistry in Lake Oswego

Sedation dentistry also known as sleep dentistry has been a core service at Optima Dental in Lake Oswego since 2001.

Our licensed sedation dentists have the ability to utilize several forms of sedation to help you overcome your fear and provide you with a comfortable dental experience. These sedation forms include laughing gas or nitrous oxide, Oral and IV Sedation. Dental sedation can help you regain control over your health and give the smile of your dreams.

As an incentive to help in the process, we are offering a complimentary consultation with a comprehensive dental exam and a complete series of x-rays.

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Meet Our Lake Oswego Sedation Dentists

Dr Mo SalehDr. Saleh has extensive training in dental implants, cosmetic dentistry and sleep dentistry. He believes in preventive and holistic approach to oral health. Read more

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