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Cosmetic Dentistry in Portland, OR

Science meets art for a beautiful, healthy smile…naturally.

Cosmetic dentistry improves the appearance of your smile, by choosing from a variety of procedures to meet your unique needs. In addition to a significant aesthetic improvement, many patients benefit from stronger, healthier teeth as a result.

The most successful cosmetic dentists possess the ability to perfectly combine art and science, producing beautiful, long-lasting restorations and smile transformations.

Please note, cosmetic dentistry is not a general dental specialty; rather it is an area of focus that requires extensive training in dental cosmetic procedures. Therefore, the most important factor in determining a successful outcome is the doctors’ ability to give you the results you are looking for.

Optima Dental continues to be one of the best options for cosmetic dentistry in Portland, Oregon.

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At Optima Dental we have proudly served Portland, Oregon with the latest and comprehensive set of cosmetic dental options and procedures for over 17 years. In addition to our highly experienced, personable and caring cosmetic dentists, Optima Dental offers the best options to transform your smile. Whether you are trying to improve the appearance of a single tooth, your entire smile, or all of your teeth with full mouth reconstruction, you are at the right place. Our patient care is top-notch and our results are the best to be found. If you are unsure or would like to know more, call or schedule your free consultation.

Our cosmetic dentistry procedures in our Portland office include:

1. Dental veneers

We offer a variety of dental veneers that fall into two categories based on the material used, porcelain or composite.

a. Porcelain or ceramic dental veneers

All ceramic dental veneers fall into three types based on the thickness of the veneers. These include traditional full thickness veneers; ultra-thin or micro thin veneers and no prep veneers. Empress and Emax are the type of ceramics that dominate the market presently. Porcelain and empress veneers are great options due to their brilliance, strength, and durability. Therefore, we offer and utilize both of these products for dental veneers.

b. Composite or resin dental veneers

Composite dental veneers are made from composite resins, which are similar to white dental fillings, but offer better aesthetics due to their finish and polishing capabilities. Although these veneers can only be utilized in specific situations, and have limited longevity and applications, the cost of composite dental veneers is less expensive than porcelain veneers.

See an impressive variety of our clinical case examples of dental veneers here. You can also learn more from our dental veneers page.

before dental veneers
after dental veneers

2. Metal-free zirconia restorations

There are many options for teeth restoration with the utilization of metal restorations, including:

a. Full zirconia crowns and bridges

Zirconia offers outstanding strength when restoring your back teeth. Zircona is much stronger than porcelain, and because of this, is a superior option for your hardest working teeth. Zirconia crowns and bridges also work especially well for patients who tend to grind their teeth. Recently, manufacturers introduced multi-layered zirconia to mimic the layers of tooth enamel and dentin, which provides highly aesthetic and natural-looking results.

b. Porcelain fused to zirconia

Porcelain fused to zirconia crowns and bridges are also known as LAVA restorations. These consist of a zirconia base that is layered with porcelain for better esthetics.

before zirconia restoration
after zirconia restoration

3. Porcelain restorations

Porcelain certainly offers the best cosmetic dental results because of its ability to replicate your tooth’s natural appearance. Porcelain is used most often on the front teeth, due to its superior aesthetics. However, porcelain tends to be weaker and more brittle than Zirconia, and therefore more prone to fracture. Because of its limited applications, porcelain can only be used in certain situations. Some of the porcelain materials available on the market include:

a. Emax porcelain

High level of esthetics, great strength, and durability.

b. Empress porcelain

High level of esthetics and moderate strength.

before porcelain restoration
after porcelain restoration

4. Composite bonding

Composite bonding or “teeth bonding” is a quick and convenient way to repair chips, fractures or cavities in highly visible areas of the mouth.

The entire process of composite teeth bonding can be completed in a single visit. The process of tooth bonding begins with the removal of old fillings, tooth decay, and smoothing out sharp edges. This step is followed by the application of bonding agents to the tooth, and as a result, the composites adhere to the tooth’s structure.

The composite is then placed in increments and shaped in order to get the ideal fit, feel and look. This is where art meets science. All the subtle qualities and perfect “imperfections” of neighboring teeth are replicated to provide highly aesthetic and seamless results.

before cosmetic bonding
after cosmetic bonding

5. Cosmetic gum surgery

Cosmetic gum surgery can be classified into two different types: reduction and grafting. In both types of surgeries, the artistic ability of the surgeon plays an important role in producing proper tissue contours, as well as in creating outstanding aesthetics.

a. Gum tissue reduction surgery

This procedure is performed to treat “gummy smiles” that often look like baby teeth. In this example, our patient had as much as 3mm of her gum removed. To vastly improve her appearance, we added length to the teeth and beauty to the final restoration.

b. Gum grafting

This procedure is used to restore deficiencies in the gum tissue around teeth, where teeth are overexposed. We take matching tissue from the roof of the mouth to transplant in the deficient areas.

In both types of surgeries, the artistic ability of the surgeon plays an important role in producing proper tissue contours as well as creating outstanding aesthetics.

6. Cosmetic dental implants

Cosmetic dental implants are also known as Zirconia dental implants or metal-free dental implants. In addition, Zirconia is a naturally occurring strong ceramic material. Zirconia implants offer superior cosmetic results, great durability and a great alternative to titanium dental implants.

Several studies have shown that zirconia dental implants continue to offer better integration to the surrounding bone and tissue as well as superior biocompatibility.

Dr. Saleh was the first clinician to bring this exciting new technology to Portland, Oregon in 2008. Because of Dr. Saleh’s advanced training and knowledge, we continue to be the only providers of Zirconia dental implants in Oregon. As a result, we continue to have the strongest and best looking dental implants on the market.

As shown in the photo, there are two zirconia dental implants replacing two molars. The implants have been restored with Emax porcelain crowns and superior tissue adaptation because it was the best option and the patient wanted an all natural look with strength.

before dental implants
after dental implants

7. Cosmetic implant abutments

Zirconia custom abutments can also be utilized in conjunction with titanium implants to produce superior cosmetic implant restorations.

Tooth-colored zirconia implant abutments can be a great alternative to titanium metal abutments for better aesthetics primarily around the gum line. Zirconia custom abutments for implant restorations can eliminate the darkness around the gum line often seen with Titanium dental implants and restorations due to their natural color.

This photo demonstrates the restoration of a zirconia custom abutment with an implant crown that produced beautifully natural results.

before zirconia implants
after zirconia implants

8. Teeth whitening

While laser/light activated teeth whitening at dental offices continues to offer dramatically superior results in contrast to many other options. At Optima Dental we continue to see even better results due to our more innovative and advanced alternatives in teeth whitening. The introduction of whitening pens and at-home gels are good examples.

At Optima Dental we provide several methods of teeth whitening because certain options will work better depending on the current color and condition the patients teeth and and amount of teeth being treated. Our methods include, in house chair-side laser/light activated whitening, take home trays and whitening gels, as well as internal teeth bleaching to lighten teeth that have been darkened due to a root canal procedure. For more details about dental whitening, please refer to our dental whitening page.

before teeth whitening
after teeth whitening

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