Same Day Dental Implants

With same-day dental implants, you can have tooth removal, immediate implant placement, and a fixed natural looking tooth in place in one visit!

Get same-day dental implants for single or multiple teeth replacements. This is a great option for patients who dislike the idea of wearing a removable (temporary) restoration – whether it is a flipper to replace a single tooth, or a denture to replace multiple teeth.

7 Top Reasons Why You Should Consider Same-Day Dental Implants

  1. Instant tooth replacement that looks, feels and functions like teeth should
  2. Fixed temporary restorations result better tissue contours
  3. Same-day dental implants offer optimal bone preservation
  4. In many situations, same-day dental implants result in more natural and beautiful outcome
  5. Same-day implants will save you time with less dental visits.
  6. No need for second surgery. With same-day dental implants, you will have one surgery that includes the tooth removal and implant placement.
  7. Quality of life: Same-day dental implants cause less disruption to your work and social life.

At Optima Dental, we have been providing our Portland patients with same day implants since 2001 with a terrific degree of success. Immediate implant and tooth replacement is a highly technical surgical procedure that requires an artful combination of surgical talent, restorative skills, and experience.

For this reason, less experienced implant dentists may not feel comfortable performing or recommending same-day implants to their patients. In our experience, if you are a good candidate for implants, you are likely a good candidate for same day dental implants.

To find out if you are a good candidate for immediate implant placement, schedule a complimentary consultation today. You can book online any time of the day or call to schedule your consultation during working hours.

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Why Same-Day Dental Implants?

  • Instant fixed replacement that looks, feels and functions like teeth should
  • Naturally beautiful implant results with 5-year replacement warranty
  • One surgery, not two. Heal once, not twice
  • Save time with less appointments and visits
  • Over 18 years of dental implant experience
  • No removable flippers or loose dentures

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Surgery and restoration by the same doctor in the same office.

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More on Dental Implants

Meet Your Portland Implant Dentist

Dr Mo SalehDr. Saleh has been providing our Portland community with the latest in dental implant procedures for over 14 years. A leader in the field, Dr. Saleh has extensive training and experience in the latest techniques in dental implants surgery and restoration, including metal-free dental implants and computerized implant surgery. His area of practice is primarily devoted to dental implants. His most notable awards related to this field include:

  • Mastership at the International Congress of Oral Implantologists
  • Diplomat at the American Dental Implant Association
  • Diplomat at the International Congress of Oral Implantologists

More recently, as a result of Dr. Saleh’s continuous advancement and achievements in dental implants our office was honored as one of the world’s Leading Implant Centers in May of 2014.

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