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With Sedation, You NEVER have to experience Dental Anxiety or Phobias again.

Over the last 17 years, we’ve transformed the smiles and oral health of countless patients suffering from dental anxiety and phobias. Our entire team, our doctors, our approach, even our office environment, evolved with to ease and eliminate dental anxiety.

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Sedation – Sleep Dentistry in Portland, Oregon

Our certified sedation dentists have been utilizing sleep dentistry to treat patients with dental anxiety for nearly 20 years in Portland and surrounding communities. Sedation, also known as sleep dentistry, is a terrific way to help you regain healthy, beautiful teeth while giving you the confidence to overcome your dental fears.

At our Portland, Oregon office, we offer various options in sleep dentistry and sedation, including oral, light or deep IV, general anesthesia, and nitrous oxide.

These options accommodate the needs of our patients depending on the severity of anxiety or fear.

  • In some cases, we may utilize a combination of both oral and IV sedation.
  • Nitrous oxide is available for patients with mild dental anxiety.
  • IV sedation and general anesthesia are more suitable for severely phobic or special needs patients.
  • A licensed anesthesiologist administers general anesthesia at our office.

With nearly two decades in sedation dentistry, our practice evolved around the priority to help patients with various degrees of dental fear and anxiety. The vast majority of our patients exhibit some form of dental anxiety. Our patients helped us develop a deep appreciation and understanding of dental fear and its impact on their lives.

We offer you a free sleep dentistry consultation in our Portland office, including a heart-to-heart talk, physical exam, and x-rays.

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Meet Our Sedation Dentists

Dr Mo SalehDr. Saleh has extensive training in dental implants, cosmetic dentistry and sleep dentistry. He believes in preventive and holistic approach to oral health. Read more

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