Zirconia Dental Implants


Advantages of Zirconia Implants:

  • Are more compatible than titanium implants
  • Appear more natural looking with no gray lines
  • More bacteria resistant than titanium implants
  • Resistant to corrosion & electrical conductivity

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At Optima Dental, we are the most experienced when it comes Zirconia Dental Implant surgery and restoration. Not only were we the first to introduce Zirconia implants to Oregon and the Pacific Northwest but, we have also been successfully doing them since 2008.

Zirconia Dental Implants

Zirconia dental implants are ceramic metal free implants that not only offer superior bio-compatibility but, also have superior tissue and bone integration. In addition, Zircona implants serve as a superior alternative option for patients who have metal allergies.

Zirconia implants are more superior to titanium implants in several ways:

  1. They are highly biocompatible and tissue friendly
  2. Offers superior esthetics with no gray gum lines
  3. Corrosion resistant
  4. Do not conduct electrical charge
  5. Does NOT contain traces of titanium or any other metal

Zirconia dental implants are made of ZrO2-TZP which translates to Zirconium dioxide-Tertagonal zirconia Plycrystal. Zirconium Dioxide is one of the most studied and researched ceramic material. Therefore making it a preferred dental implant for its strength, durability and natural appearance. Zirconia implants are one of the safest alternatives to titanium and has been utilized safely in orthopedic surgery since the 1980’s.

These images show Zirconia Dental Implant procedure from start to finish by Dr. Saleh. The first image shows the missing tooth. The second image shows Zirconia implant in place. Additionally, the third image shows the completed procedure with a crown restoration.

Zirconia dental implant image prior to surgery by dr saleh
Zirconia dental implant image after surgery by dr saleh
Zirconia dental implant completed process

Zirconia dental implants in Portland Oregon

Dr. Saleh was the first dentist to introduce Zirconia dental implants to Oregon in 2008 and the third dentist nationwide. Therefore we continue to be the only dental practice offering Zirconia ceramic implants in Portland Oregon. Due to the needed expertise when working with zirconia implants properly we are proud to offer our patients a superior alternative to titanium. Not only are our patients in “awe” by the results visually but, are also pleasantly surprised by how strong their implants are.

Since we have over 10 years of experience in surgical placement and restoration of zirconia dental implants, we believe that zirconia implants continue to offer the best bio-compatibility of all dental implant materials that are currently on the market. Because zirconia implant placement is a technical and sensitive procedure that requires superior surgical skills and care. Unfortunately, due to the majority of dental teaching institutions titanium implants continue to be a standard for education. With time more of this trend will shift from titanium to the preferred zirconain implants. Most European colleagues have been integrating Zirconia implants into everyday clinical practice.

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