Are Holistic Dentists Legit?

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I’ve been wanting to go to a natural dentist. I heard they’re called Holistic Dentists, but I can’t find either in my insurance packet. My husband thinks that’s because they’re not legitimate dentists and more like naturopathic doctors who aren’t considered doctors by insurance companies. Is that accurate or am I overlooking something? Callie Dear Callie,
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A Holistic Dentist Cares About Your Body

I’m glad you asked this because there’s a lot of confusion surrounding Holistic Dentists. First, you should know they are legitimate dentists. When you’re talking about someone being a holistic dentist that just means they are general dentists who take into consideration how treatment affects your whole body and not just your teeth. The reason you can’t find them listed in your insurance is because they’re not a recognized specialty. There are very few recognized specialties in dentistry. Most things, like cosmetic dentistry, dental implants, sedation dentistry, etc. are just up to the dentist to learn post-doctorally. If that’s the case, how do you find a natural dentist? The easiest thing to do is an internet search using either the term “holistic dentist” or “natural dentist”. Then check their website to see if the provide the specific services you’re looking for. Most patients who are looking for a natural dentist are concerned with not having any type of mercury in their treatment, such as with dental fillings. If you can’t find a holistic dentist in your area, you could try doing a search under the term “mercury-free dentist“. They do not place the silver (amalgam) fillings whose main ingredient is mercury. Instead, they only provide white composite fillings which have no mercury content at all. This is a good option in smaller areas which don’t have as many options in their practitioners. I hope this helps. This blog is brought to you by Portland dentist Dr. Mo Saleh.
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