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Welcome to
Optima Dental Spa

When you walk through the door at any of our three locations, you'll notice right away that we're dedicated to providing a truly elevated level of care. We want you to feel right at home while you're with us and feel comfortable in our cozy, inviting office spaces. Please, sit back and enjoy a fresh cup of coffee or a movie on one of our TVs. You are our honored guest and we'll go above and beyond to ensure that you have a great experience from start to finish!

Your Comfort.
Our Priority.
From cascading fountain walls to fireplaces, our offices were each designed with your comfort in mind. Made-to-order coffee or tea, paraffin wax for your hands, and massaging dental chairs await you at all of our locations. Instead of feeling like a dentist's office, we aim to provide a spa-like getaway where patients can sit back and relax while receiving the care they need.
A 5-Star Patient

“I was in the office to get implants for 2 of my back bottom teeth. Dr. Saleh did a wonderful job. I had no pain during the procedure and no complications after. I'm a very satisfied patient. The staff was extremely knowledgeable and accommodating during the entire process.”
- Tanya Yefremova

"Dr. Saleh completely transformed my smile for me. I had some really poor dental work done at a previous office and have had it all corrected at Optima Dental. I'm so happy with my smile now!"
- Robin Gabriel

"My entire life I've had anxiety about going to the dentist....until I went to Optima Dental. I used to avoid it at all costs, I'd wait until things got horribly painful before I would go in to the dentist....but not anymore. I actually enjoy my appointments, knowing I will be getting the best of care from Dr. Saleh"
- Mariam Ali

"Dr. Saleh is the best cosmetic dentist in Portland! I was spiraling to a bad place for years, with severe dental phobia and cannot even begin to express my gratitude to Dr. Saleh for offering sedation dentistry. I now smile proudly at every opportunity thanks to his work. The warmth and professionalism of his staff are nonpareil"
- Marie Moiel

"I have had a major fear of the dentist. But at Optima Dental I felt something different. I’m not the most fun patient, but not one person made me feel like an inconvenience. And Dr. Saleh is very gentle, so personable and also has a sense of humor, which makes it easier as well. I want to thank the whole team from the bottom of my heart for how they've helped me, more than they know."
- Meghan Kerr

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