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Modern dentures are not something to be dreaded. You can expect your dentures or dental bridges from Optima Dental Spa to be both natural looking and comfortable. Our practitioners take extra care from start to finish to ensure that your dentures are a great fit for your facial features and personality. Dentures are created in Optima Dental Spa’s on-site laboratory by a skilled ceramist using the highest quality materials.



The type of denture you choose will be determined by your individual circumstances. Dentures are definitely not a “one-size-fits-all” appliance. Depending on the number of teeth you are missing, you may want to consider a full or partial denture or a dental bridge. Each option will make it easier for you to speak clearly, eat with pleasure, and smile with confidence again.
Types of Dentures

A full denture replaces all of your teeth in a full dental arch. We may recommend a complete denture to replace the teeth in one or both arches, but it will depend on your specific dental needs. To improve denture stability, using a denture adhesive is often suggested by our team.

If you’re missing several of your teeth but have some natural teeth remaining, a partial denture is often used in this situation. This type of denture involves clasps that attach to your existing natural teeth or a thinner framework to allow for a more secure fit.

If you’re looking for your smile to be restored due to missing a handful of your teeth or all of them, our team may recommend full or partial dentures. With dentures, your ability to talk and eat will be improved. Having dentures also help maintain your natural facial structure and gives you a renewed confidence to show off a smile you’re proud of. Don’t worry, your dentures are custom-made to fit you and the smile you want. We want your dentures to fit comfortably and securely, and fit your smile perfectly! If you’d like to learn more about our partial and complete dentures, contact us today so we can give you the smile you deserve!

Advantages of Dentures



There are several advantages to implant-supported restorations that make it worth waiting a little longer for your new smile. Because surgery is required to implant the posts used to support your bridge or denture, extra time is required for healing. However, implant-supported dentures will not need to rest on your jawbone or be held in place with adhesive so they never slip around. This makes chewing and speaking feel even more natural. Another big plus for implants is the way they stimulate bone growth which in turn supports your facial muscles and maintains the natural shape of your face. Finally, implants are extremely long-lasting which makes the upfront cost a good investment in your smile.



With so many choices, it’s good to have advice from an experienced professional. If you are missing a string of teeth, come see us for a consultation. We’ll provide you with the best options to choose from depending on your individual needs and budget.
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