Gentle Tooth Extractions
in the Pacific Northwest

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Dental extractions are intimidating procedures, but our compassionate team always aims to help patients have the most positive experiences they can no matter the treatment. We can guide you through the entire process, from assessing your treatment options to assisting with aftercare instructions. Whether you’re not sure what treatment you need or you are searching for an experienced dentist in the Pacific Northwest to perform your dental extraction, our team at Optima Dental Spa would be happy to help!

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Why would I need
a dental extraction?

We always want our patients to keep their natural teeth. However, there may come a time when you or your child needs one or more teeth removed. Common reasons for dental extractions include:

  • Too many teeth are crowded together in one area
  • An infection is too deep to be treated with a root canal
  • An impacted tooth cannot erupt out of the gums properly
  • Tooth decay or dental trauma has damaged a tooth beyond repair
  • Stubborn baby teeth are blocking adult teeth from coming in
  • An orthodontic treatment plan requires a tooth extraction
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Are dental extractions

Dental extractions are among the more invasive procedures within dentistry, but the process of removing a tooth is not painful, thanks to anesthesia. Before the treatment begins, a local anesthetic will be injected into the gums near the tooth or teeth that need to be removed, which will completely numb the teeth and the surrounding areas. After the numbness wears off, you may want to use an ice pack to reduce the swelling and take pain medication to relieve any pain or discomfort that arises.

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Can I return to work or school after an extraction?

We strongly recommend taking at least one day off from your normal routine after a dental extraction to rest and recover. You will probably feel tired after your appointment, especially if any dental sedation was used. Too much activity after a dental extraction can also cause the blood clot in the socket to come loose, which can be painful and disrupt the healing process. It’s better to plan on taking a few days off and not need them than it is to not allow yourself enough time to heal from your dental extraction.

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