Root Canal Treatment
in Washington & Oregon

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One of the most common causes of tooth pain or extreme sensitivity to hot or cold substances is when the pulp chamber inside of the tooth becomes infected. Root canal therapy is an effective treatment that can remove the infection and save the tooth. It’s a common procedure and causes less trauma than extracting the tooth. Modern dentistry has made root canal therapy a routine, safe procedure.

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What Is
Root Canal Therapy?

The first step in treating a root canal is to numb the area to ensure your comfort. If you need additional sedation, Optima Dental Spa offers options for our patients who experience anxiety with dental procedures and need more help relaxing. The next step involves creating a small opening in the crown of the tooth to access and remove the decaying pulp. We flush out the infection and insert a medicated substance to keep the infection from returning. The final step is to seal the tooth. If the damaged area is small this can be done with a tooth-colored composite filling but usually the tooth will need to be strengthened with a dental crown.

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How Long Does It Take
to Recover?

Because root canal treatment is not considered invasive, the recovery is quick. You may need to rest a little and take over-the-counter pain medication the first day, but expect to be back to most of your regular activities the following day. Any discomfort should subside within a day or two.

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We Are
Ready to Help!

If you consistently experience pain in a back molar when biting down or chewing, it could be a sign that you need a root canal. Ignoring tooth pain because you are worried about the treatment could lead to even more intense pain, infection, and eventual tooth loss. Our gentle team at Optima Dental Spa is experienced in root canal therapy and will soon have you pain-free again. And if it is the cost you are worried about, we offer many different payment options and a 20% discount for members of our Dental Savers Plan.

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