Getting a Crown with Metal Allergies

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I need a crown on a back tooth. I asked for an all-porcelain crown because I have metal allergies. My dentist insists you cannot place an all-porcelain crown on a back tooth because they’re not strong enough. Instead, he wants to put a metal-based crown and insists my metal allergies won’t be affected. Please, please, please tell me there’s an alternative. Caroline Dear Caroline, That’s interesting how he thinks if he places a crown with metals in your body it won’t affect your metal allergy. I’m curious. Is he a member of the Flat Earth Society as well? It completely frustrates me when dentists blow off patient concerns out of a desire to stick with what they’ve always done. Hopefully, no medical field remains static—including the dental field. They should be constantly learning and improving. Part and parcel with practicing any field of medicine is keeping up with those developments. It doesn’t sound like your dentist has. The one way he has some data to back up his thinking is on all-porcelain crowns not being as strong as their metal-based counterparts. The biting forces on our back teeth are simultaneously different and stronger. While an all-porcelain crown isn’t the best option for a back tooth, it doesn’t mean you have to use metal.

Find a Dentist Who Has Invested in Metal-Free Dentistry

You now have the option of getting a zirconia crown. These are metal-free, yet very strong. In fact, zirconia has been nicknamed “ceramic steel”, which makes it perfect for those back teeth biting forces. Not every dentist uses them yet, so you may have to do some searching. Here are the three search terms I’d use when you begin your internet search: You can learn more about each of these terms I’ve listed directly above by clicking on them. At least one of those searches should lead you to the dentist who can work within your bodies limitations due to allergies. Don’t settle for your dentist blowing you off. Even mild allergic reactions play havoc on your quality of living. For instance, allergies make you feel weaker and more tired. This is because your body is using up resources trying to fight the “foreign body” that isn’t biocompatible with it. You won’t get as much done and you won’t be able to think as sharply as you would when your body is at it’s optimum. Best of luck to you. This blog is brought to you by Lake Oswego Dentist Dr. Mo Saleh.
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