Dental Implant Considerations

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Dental implants are widely considered the best tooth replacement option. However, not everyone who is a candidate should go forward with the procedure. Here are some things to weigh in your decision process. Dental implant diagram

Is My Dentist Experienced with Dental Implants?

Dental implants are an advanced procedure and not every dentist is qualified. You really do need to verify that your dentist has the necessary training and experience. There isn’t a recognized specialty so you can’t just go by a dentist saying they’re an “Implant Dentist”. Any dentist can say that. What you need to check is their post-graduate training, the number of procedures they’ve completed, as well as their success rate (which should be at least 98%). Don’t hesitate to ask these questions. If they balk, find a different dentist. While this won’t decide whether or not you go forward with the procedure, it will help you know if you’ll need to find a different caregiver if you do decide to go with dental implants. Some patients even have to go to a different state to find a dentist with the right skills.

Am I Prepared for the Procedure?

Dental implants require surgery. That in itself may be more than some patients are willing to deal with. It also requires patience while the healing period takes place allowing time for the bone to grow around the prosthetic root. Though the end product is definitely worth it, some people just don’t have the stamina for surgery.

Am I Willing to Commit to Proper Oral Hygiene?

While not everyone loses their teeth because of oral hygiene issues, many do. There’s no point in having an expensive surgery for a tooth replacement if you’re not going to invest the time to take exceptional care of it. Dental implant failure is a real thing. Dental implants are a commitment. Ask yourself if you’re ready for it.

Think Big Picture

If you have other goals with your smile, now is the time to consider them. Do you have crooked teeth you want to have straightened? Your implant dentist and orthodontist need to work hand in hand so one procedure doesn’t sabotage the other. Are you wanting to get your teeth whitened? Make sure you do that before your implant crown is completed. This way, your dentist can match a porcelain crown to your new shiny white color. This blog is brought to you by Portland Dentist Dr. Mo Selah.
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