Dental Implant Risks for Diabetics

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I have been part of generational obesity. Everyone in my family is morbidly obese and have been since my great-grandparents. They all have diabetes and high blood pressure as well. As a result, I had a heart attack at 43-years-old. What a wake-up call. I wanted to be around for my daughter’s wedding. I went to a nutritionist. I started working out. I’ve lost close to 190 pounds. It’s been hard. Now I want to do something to help me feel good when I smile. As a result of my poor behavior before, I lost quite a few teeth. I want to replace them with dental implants. Everything I read online says diabetics aren’t a good candidate. However, my dentist seems to think I am. Of course, it’s an expensive procedure. I’m sure he wouldn’t mind that extra money. But, I don’t want to spend that much if it’s not going to succeed. As an unbiased professional, what are your thoughts on diabetics and dental implants? Casey Dear Casey, Dental implant diagram You have done a remarkable thing and should be incredibly proud of yourself. What you accomplished is gargantuan. Not only will it protect your health, but it will start a change in your family which could affect more generations in a positive way. For the most part, when your dental implants are done with an experienced dentist, there is a 98% success rate. Two factors which can lower that, are smoking and uncontrollable diabetes. You don’t seem like you’re a smoker, with all the healthy changes you’ve made to your lifestyle. Plus, you’ve likely got your diabetes under control for the same reason. I’d say, you’re a good candidate. Not only that, you deserve to have this blessing in your life. A beautiful smile brings renewed confidence.

Considerations for Dental Implants

The absolute most important consideration is the qualifications and experience of your dentist. Don’t hesitate to ask your dentist how long he or she has been placing dental implants as well as where they received their post-graduate training. If they are hesitant or just say dental school, that’s not good enough. The next part isn’t necessary, but is useful if you’re considering any cosmetic work. The color your dental implants are made is permanent. If you want to whiten your teeth at some point, you’ll want to do it before you get your dental implants. This allows you to have your implants made in the lovely white color you’ll be proud to share with your friends and family. You’ll be a handsome father of the bride for sure. This blog is brought to you by Portland Dentist Dr. Mo Saleh.
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