What Can Cause Dental Implant Failure?

October 30, 2019 8:00 am | Published by
Older couple with dental implants smiles while sitting on the couch Dental implants are a terrific modern solution with a high success rate when it comes to replacing missing teeth. But with any surgical procedure, sometimes there are complications and the procedure fails. In this blog post, we go over some situations that can cause failure of a dental implant. But don’t worry–the good news is that trouble can be averted with early intervention. Here at Optima Dental Spa, you have options when it comes to fixing the problem and restoring your mouth to full health.

Causes of Dental Implant Failure

A variety of issues can increase the risk of dental implant failure. For example:
  • If an implant was placed incorrectly or with improper techniques, it could puncture the orofacial cavities, cause nerve impairment, or lead to infection.
  • A patient lacking sufficient jawbone density before the surgery, and who did not receive a bone graft, will not have a strong enough jaw to support the implant.
  • Poor oral hygiene by the patient after surgery can result in gum irritation and infection that can compromise the implant.
  • Nighttime teeth grinding and clenching can also put excessive pressure on the implant.
  • Other factors that increase the risk of failure include poor overall health, poor circulation, autoimmune disorders, diabetes, osteoporosis, and certain medications.

Improving Your Success Rate

For many of these reasons, it’s imperative to have your dental implant surgery done by a highly qualified dental provider, such as a member of our expert team at Optima Dental Spa. A correct surgery will obviously increase the implant’s chance of success. But an experienced implant dentist will also know what red flags to watch out for and can help you stay healthy and comfortable every step of the way before and after your surgery.

What to Do If Your Implant Fails

If you experience dental implant failure, contact our trusted team at Optima Dental Spa. We’ll examine your mouth and jaw to diagnose what is wrong. Depending on the issue, we’ll come up with a personalized plan to safely resolve your issue and restore your mouth to full health and function.

Consult with Our Smile Team!

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