Dental Implant Loose After One Year

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I’m really worried. I had a dental implant and crown placed a little over a year ago. Today it felt loose. I thought these were supposed to be a long-term replacement. I spent thousands of dollars. What do I do? Jennie Dear Jennie, Dental implant diagram First and foremost, don’t panic. There can be many reasons for this to feel loose. There are three main parts to a dental implant: The crown, the abutment, and the implant itself. It could be a simple matter of the crown coming loose. If that’s the case, the dentist just needs to cement it back. Your dental implant is still in good shape. It could also be a defective abutment. In that case, it is also a simple fix. Worst case scenario it’s the dental implant itself. That doesn’t guarantee failure, but it is more serious. After remaining calm, your next order of business is to call your dentist. He needs to evaluate the implant and see what’s going on. Sometimes an infection can cause an implant to come loose. If you treat the infection, it may save the implant.

If Your Dental Implant Procedure Fails

You are correct when you said that dental implants are a long-term replacement. They should last you upward of twenty plus years. That being said, sometimes your dentist can do everything right and the dental implant still fails. If you do end up with dental implant failure, you’ll have to make a decision as to whether or not you want to do it again. Depending on the reason, it may not cost as much the second time around. However, there will be an additional procedure necessary to repeat the process. You’ll need bone grafting done to replace the bone lost during the removal of the prosthetic. If you are talking about a single lost tooth and you decide you don’t want to repeat the procedure, you could always get a dental bridge. Just bear in mind that it will require grinding down the healthy tooth structure on the adjacent teeth. However, let’s not jump to worrisome conclusions. Your first order of business is to get in to see your dentist ASAP. This would be considered a dental emergency and they should see you that day. This blog is brought to you by Portland Dentist Dr. Mo Saleh.
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