I Want Dental Implants But My Dentist Said No

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I’ve had dentures for years. Gobs of years. I’ve always hated them. Now they’ve become impossible to live with. They fall out all the time. It’s humiliating. My husband did some research and discovered dental implants can keep dentures in. I went to see a dentist to start the process, but he said I don’t have enough bone to get them. Is there an alternative? Deanna Dear Deanna,
implant overdentuers

Implant Overdentures

Don’t despair. I suspect, in your case, the dentist was just pushing you off because he’s not someone who regularly places dental implants and your particular case would require an extra step. Dentures are the reason you don’t have enough bone to begin with. When you first lost all your teeth, your brain recognizes the roots of your teeth are gone. Because our bodies are incredibly efficient, it resorbs the minerals in your jawbone to use elsewhere in your body perceiving they’d be more useful elsewhere. Great for your body. Horrible for your dentures and appearance. This is known as facial collapse. You may have noticed your jaw and mouth have started to look older. That’s not you aging as much as the effects of facial collapse. Without that bone structure, there is nothing to hold in your implants. Fortunately, there is a procedure to fix all that. You can now have bone grafting done, which replenishes the bone for you. From there you could just get new dentures, but why? You’d eventually be in the same position you’re in now.

Dental Implant will Change Your Life

Dental implant diagram

Dental Implant Illustration

With dental implants, a prosthetic root is placed into your jawbone. You can use titanium or zirconia for the material of your implant. Some people with metal sensitivities feel more comfortable with the idea of zirconia. These take the place of your tooth roots and signal to your brain that you need your bone, preventing facial collapse. Then, once your bone has integrated, your dentist would normally just add a porcelain crown. That’s when you’re doing single implants. You are going to do implant overdentures. This is when you have a number of dental implants placed and then have a new set of dentures anchored to them. You are going to love the difference. First, they will be completely secure. You’ll never have to worry about them falling out again, let alone slipping. You’ll also find your chewing capacity goes back to what it was like before you had dentures. Even the best fitting dentures, reduce your chewing capacity by 50%. Dental implants gives your bite strength. You’ll find your life has changed for the better.

Who Should Place Your Dental Implants?

Don’t go back to the dentist you consulted with. Instead, you want a dentist with a high degree of training in dental implants. You can look at Dr. Saleh’s bio to get an idea of what type of training you want from a dentist who will place your dental implants. This blog is brought to you by Lake Oswego Dentist Dr. Mo Saleh.
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