Dental Sedation with Blood Sugar Issues

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I struggle with dental anxiety. I’ve been told dental sedation is a good solution for people in my position. However, I have been told you can’t eat if you have dental sedation. I have low blood sugar which sometimes requires me to eat at inconvenient times. Would I be able to get dental sedation? Kami Dear Kami, patient asleep in dental chair from sedation dentistry Dental sedation has changed the lives of people with anxiety. I think it would be a great solution for you. Most sedation dentists offer two types of dental sedation— nitrous oxide and oral conscious sedation.

Nitrous Oxide

With nitrous oxide, your dentist will place a nosepiece on you to breathe through. The gas will make you feel floaty and relaxed. It is best used for people with mild dental anxiety, but it does have some great benefits.
  • You can get on with your day as soon as your procedure is completed
When your dentist has is done with your procedure, he or she will switch the gas from nitrous to oxygen. You’ll be back to yourself and ready to tackle your day with no restrictions.
  • You can eat before getting nitrous
Very few people have any nausea when it comes to this type of dental sedation. Because of that, there are no eating restrictions.

Oral Conscious Sedation

This is usually recommended for patients with more severe dental anxiety. It is administered by you taking a pill before your appointment. However, it is so strong you will not be able to drive yourself to or from your dental appointment. You will be completely relaxed. Way too relaxed to drive. Most patients end up sleeping through the procedure and have little to no memory of what happened. You are still conscious, though, and can respond to things if you want to. The propensity for nausea goes up with oral conscious sedation. Most dentists will ask you not to eat before this appointment. However, given your situation, you may be allowed a small meal ahead of time. Each dentist has different guidelines. Worst case scenario, just make sure your sedation appointment is first thing in the morning so you are not having to go very long without food. This blog is brought to you by Lake Oswego Dentist Dr. Mo Saleh.
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