Help! My Tooth Fell Out

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I just lost an adult tooth and I don’t know what to do. I don’t have a dentist. Luke Dear Luke,
Hockey player with missing tooth

A knocked out tooth can be saved

What you do really depends on why the tooth was lost. If it is a result of an injury, such as getting hit in the mouth with something, then it’s a dental emergency. Sometimes the tooth can be saved if you get to the dentist within 30 minutes. Here’s what you need to do. First, because you don’t have a dentist you see regularly, do an internet search for an emergency dentist. Call and let them know the situation. They’ll want to be ready for you when you get there because time is of the essence in cases such as this. Grab the tooth by the crown only, not the root. The crown of the tooth is the visible part you see when you smile. It’s important to keep it moist. If you have access to a glass of milk, place the tooth gently in that for transportation. If you don’t, place it between your cheek and gums.

If It’s Not a Dental Emergency

If the tooth just fell out it means you are likely suffering from advanced gum disease. This needs to be treated or you will continue to lose teeth. There are many reasons why a patient doesn’t have a regular dentist, but one of the most common is dental anxiety. What you’ll need is to find a dentist who caters to anxious patients. There are lots of ways they can do this. If your fear is mild, just some nitrous oxide and a gentle dentist is enough. Though, most patients who avoid the dentist have a more severe fear. In that case, you’ll want a dentist who uses sedation for sleep dentistry. This is a simple pill you take which allows you to sleep through the appointment. However, you will be so groggy you’ll need someone to take you to and from your appointment.

The Best Tooth Replacement

When it comes to replacing the tooth, dental implants are the top of the line treatment option. You won’t be a candidate if you have gum disease; at least not until after you’ve had treatment and your gums are healthy again. This blog is brought to you by Lake Oswego Dentist Dr. Mo Saleh.
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