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Tips for Sanitizing Your Home

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With the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, disinfecting has become a hot topic. Everyone is looking for steps they can take to protect their health—from maintaining social distancing to wearing masks while grocery shopping. As your trusted dental healthcare providers, we here at Optima Dental Spa want to help provide you with some of these answers you may be searching for, particularly in regards to sanitizing your home.

While you’re taking the necessary precautions anytime you may have to go in public, here are some tips to help you keep your space clean back at home.

Clean Then Sanitize

Sanitizing your home is a two-step process. In line with the recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, you should first clean your surfaces and then move on to disinfecting. Therefore, use soap and water to rid the surface of any dirt and debris, following up with disinfectant. When choosing your disinfectant, make sure that the product you use is safe for the surface you’re currently working on.

Focus on Frequently Touched Spots

Across the board, there are certain areas of the home that get more touching contact than others. These are the ones that should be your main targets when you’re looking to sanitize your space, especially if you don’t have time to do a thorough clean of the whole place. For example: door handles, faucets, toilets, light switches, and remotes are all prime locations for heavy contact traffic throughout the day. Make it a point to clean and disinfect these spots more frequently.

Wear Gloves

While cleaning and sanitizing, wear rubber gloves to avoid touching any surfaces that might have been contaminated directly and to protect your hands from the strong supplies you may be using. Don’t touch your face or your phone while wearing your gloves. And when you’re done cleaning, take the proper steps to either clean or throw them away.

If you’re using disposable gloves, follow this guide from the CDC on how to safely remove your gloves. And if you’re using reusable rubber gloves, wash them with soap and water while you’re still wearing them, take them off, and then disinfect them when they’re dry.

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