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Root Canal Myths

August 28, 2020 8:03 am | Published by

Out of all the dental treatments out there, root canal therapy is probably one of the ones most surrounded in myth. Over the years, it’s gathered quite the negative reputation, and it’s to the point where some people fear it without knowing the full story.

As your trusted dental professionals in the Pacific Northwest, we promote fact over fiction when it comes to your oral health. So to clear the air, we’re busting some of the most common root canal myths.

Myth 1: “Root canals are painful.”

Fortunately, root canal treatment is virtually painless thanks to a combination of anesthetics, modern technology, and advanced dentistry techniques. You may feel a little bit of pressure during the procedure but not pain. Additionally, Optima Dental Spa offers relaxing dental sedation to keep you calm and comfortable if you experience dental anxiety.

Myth 2: “Root canals are just as bad as getting a tooth removed.”

Many patients believe that root canals are right up there with tooth extractions in terms of procedures they don’t want to get at the dentist’s office. The fact is, root canal treatment is designed to save your natural tooth from extraction. Unless your tooth cannot be saved with root canal therapy, treatment is preferable to having an empty space or a tooth replacement (such as a bridge, partial denture, or dental implant). If you procrastinate necessary root canal treatment, you risk a sinus infection, tooth loss, and even systemic infection.

Myth 3: “If I don’t feel pain, then I don’t need a root canal.”

Tooth pain is a common symptom for many people who require root canal treatment because of tooth infection. However, sometimes a tooth can be severely damaged or infected and not result in a toothache! Keep up with your biannual dental checkups so our team can identify and treat any dental issues before they become more serious.

More Questions? We Have Answers!

Do you have more questions about root canal therapy? Please reach out to us about this restorative treatment. We’ll get you the information you need as quickly as possible. Talk to you soon!

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