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How Do Snap-On Dentures Work?

April 18, 2020 10:00 am | Published by

Do you need to replace an entire arch of teeth? The first step on your way to a brighter and more functional smile is to decide which tooth replacement method you want to pursue. Thanks to the wonders of modern dentistry, you have a wide range of options. In this blog post, we talk about one such tooth replacement solution: snap-on dentures.

While dentures have been around long enough that they’re nothing new for many patients, snap-on dentures are a twist on the traditional method. They are more secure because they do not require an adhesive. Read on to understand how snap-on dentures work.

Types of Dentures

Denture Upgrades

Snap-on dentures involve surgically implanting two biocompatible posts into the front of the jaw. Once these integrate into the jawbone, they act as artificial tooth roots. Two small rings in the base of a denture then snap onto these implants, securing in place an entire arch of teeth with greater hold than adhesive.

Optima Dental Spa also offers other denture restorations with even greater stability, such as All-on-4 dental implants and implant overdentures (also called implant-supported or implant-retained dentures). These involve the placement of more implants than snap-on dentures. For any of these options, the end result is a secure dental prosthesis that looks and feels natural.

Affordable Dentures with Implants

If you are comparing the costs of using single dental implants and dental crowns to replace an entire arch of missing teeth versus topping dental implants with dentures, you’d find the latter to be more affordable. This is because fewer implants placed results in a lower cost for you. While single dental implants or an implant-supported bridge are great choices for those replacing just a few missing teeth, those who need to replace an entire arch will find dentures coupled with dental implants is a cost-effective solution.

Our in-house Dental Savings Plan offers significant discounts on our cosmetic and restorative services, including dentures and implants!

Ready to Reclaim Your Smile?

If you’re interested in snap-on dentures or our other dental implant options, we’d be thrilled to help. Schedule your complimentary consultation at Optima Dental Spa so you can achieve your very own dramatic smile transformation.

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