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How to Straighten Teeth without Metal Braces

January 12, 2021 8:00 am | Published by
Crooked teeth don’t only affect your appearance. They can make it harder to keep your smile clean and healthy. Additionally, misaligned teeth can negatively impact your speech, how you chew, and your confidence. In the past, you would need metal braces to straighten your smile. However, modern dentistry offers an alternative: clear aligner therapy, allowing you to straighten teeth without metal braces.

What Is ClearCorrect Clear Aligner Therapy?

Smiles Aligners are a discreet way to straighten your teeth without metal braces. Many adult patients prefer this inconspicuous orthodontic method. Every two weeks, you’ll receive a new set of custom clear plastic aligners that gradually move your teeth into the perfect position.

Benefits of ClearCorrect

There are many benefits to clear aligners. The first is that they’re much more subtle than traditional metal braces. Because they’re made from smooth, clear plastic, they’re extremely comfortable and nearly invisible. Another big benefit is that they’re removable, so you can eat your favorite foods and clean your teeth like you always have! In some cases, clear aligner therapy may work faster than traditional braces.

Is ClearCorrect Right for Me?

To experience the best results, you must wear your aligners at least 20-22 hours a day and keep them clean. This involves daily cleaning and soaking, and only drinking water while wearing them. If you have mild to moderate alignment issues and can commit to the maintenance requirements of clear aligner therapy, this clear orthodontic treatment may be a good fit for you.

Clear Orthodontics at Optima Dental Spa

If you’ve always wanted a straighter, more even smile, this new year is the perfect time! With locations around the Pacific Northwest, Optima Dental Spa is proud to provide you with a stress-free, spa-like dental experience. Please contact us today if you’re interested in ClearCorrect clear aligner therapy. Our team would be thrilled to help you achieve a healthier and more beautiful smile! Contact Us

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